Tucked away in the quaint town of Smicksburg, where the population is a mere 44, lied a hidden gem that has captured the hearts of wine enthusiasts for over three decades – Windgate Vineyards & Winery. What began as a modest vineyard 30 years ago by the Enerson family blossomed into the largest estate winery in Southwestern Pennsylvania, boasting a rich history, award-winning wines, and a charming array of offerings.

A Day Trip to Remember

Before closing its doors in 2019, it was open every day from noon to 5 p.m., Windgate Vineyards & Winery invited visitors to embark on a delightful day trip. Windgate welcomed you to explore its extensive wine selection, including some specially crafted festive spiced vintages around the Christmas season. The winery was closed only on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter.

Stay and Sip

For those who fall in love with the magic of Smicksburg and Windgate, the vineyard offered more than just a day trip. You could extend your visit by staying at the vineyard’s cozy guest house, complete with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a sitting room, and a kitchen. You were able to watch the moon rise from the outside deck that overlooks the sprawling vineyard, creating a tranquil retreat.

Celebrate Special Moments

Windgate Vineyards & Winery provided an idyllic backdrop for celebrations. The Vine Room was a perfect venue for parties, weddings, and other special occasions, while the lush vineyard itself offered a romantic setting to say “I do” surrounded by loved ones.

Wine and Antiques

Nothing pairs better with wine than antiques shopping. After indulging in a wine tasting, you were able to venture into Windgate’s Antiques Shop and Gallery, a treasure trove brimming with unique artworks and antiques waiting to be discovered.

Year-Round Events

Windgate Vineyards & Winery wasn’t just a destination; it was an experience. Throughout the year, the winery hosts various events, such as the Annual Antique Tractor & Engine Show. Families could enjoy live entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides, and wine tasting, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Award-Winning Wines

Windgate’s commitment to excellence was evident in its diverse wine selection, which includes Amish Country Red, Seyval Blanc, and Amish Blush. Producing over 9,000 gallons of wine annually, the winery earned acclaim for its fine, estate-grown wines made from French hybrid grapes.

A Legacy Unveiled

Founded by the Enerson family, Windgate Vineyards & Winery has become a pillar of the local community. The founders’ vision and the vineyard’s microclimate – nearly perfect for grape cultivation – have contributed to its success as a premier winemaking establishment.

It Was A Great Place To Visit

Windgate Vineyards & Winery, was located at 1998 Hemlock Acres Road, Smicksburg, PA 16256, Please note that the winery closed and was sold in 2019, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional wines and cherished memories. While you can no longer visit the winery, there are still wine sampling opportunities, antiques, and quaint shops to explore in Smicksburg. We hope you’ll come!

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