John G. Schmick Heritage Center

Smicksburg's Heritage Society and Museum

President - Larry Bussard

Larry was the final baby to born by a doctor in Smicksburg. Growing up in Smicksburg his whole childhood, Larry was the perfect person to be the president of the Heritage Society and Center. When the museum is open, you can often get a personal tour by Larry.

About John G. Schmick Heritage Center


Smicksburg is the town that refused to die. In the 1930s, the US Army Corp of Engineers created a series of flood control dams along the Allegheny River. By 1944, half of Smicksburg had been condemned under the Flood Plain Management Act. 


The Heritage Center has several rooms, including a parlor, kitchen and bedroom. Other exhibits include items relating to mining, lumbering, farming, the railroad, one room school house, religious history, a tribute to the military, commerce, medicine, and local archeology. Children are welcome in the Center. 


All items in our small store are locally made, some by the Amish in the area!

Praise and Testimonials

You get to see and learn a lot of what thing were like in the past!

Barbara Customer Review

The museum is full of fascinating exhibits that provide insight into the lives of the early settlers and their descendants. Who knew there was so much history in such a small town!

Elisabeth  Customer Review

This is a must visit in Smicksburg. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly!

David  Customer Review

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John G. Schmick Heritage Center                                                               
59 E. Kittanning Street Smicksburg, PA 16256

Open Fridays and Saturdays from 11am - 4pm

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