In the heart of historic downtown Smicksburg, nestled among rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, The Drying Shed has been a cherished haven for flower enthusiasts, craft lovers, and those seeking a touch of Americana for the past 17 years. Patty and Alan Painter, the creative minds and green thumbs behind this iconic establishment, have cultivated not just an array of flowers on their farm but a community of friends and patrons who have become an integral part of their journey.

A Bittersweet Goodbye:

As the year 2020 came to a close, Patty and Alan made the heartfelt decision to retire and bid farewell to The Drying Shed. The announcement was met with mixed emotions—gratitude for 17 wonderful years, sadness at the closing of a beloved establishment, and excitement for the new chapter that awaited the Painters.

In a message to their loyal customers, Patty and Alan expressed their deep appreciation for the friendships forged over the years. The Drying Shed had become more than just a place to purchase wreaths, garlands, and crafts; it was a hub of warmth and creativity, a testament to the passion the Painters poured into their work.

Passing the Torch:

Amidst the emotions of parting ways, Patty and Alan shared the exciting news of the new custodians of their legacy—Crystal and Melinda, the proud owners of The Farmhouse Finery. The duo has a beautiful vision to honor the spirit of historic downtown Smicksburg and carry forward the unique charm that made The Drying Shed a local treasure.

The Farmhouse Finery:

As The Drying Shed bows out, The Farmhouse Finery steps into the limelight, promising to bring a fresh perspective while preserving the essence of Smicksburg’s rich history. Crystal and Melinda plan to open their doors in the spring, inviting patrons old and new to experience the magic of their carefully curated collection.

From stunning wreaths to handcrafted wooden treasures, The Farmhouse Finery will continue the tradition of offering a variety of gifts and crafts. The anticipation builds as the community eagerly awaits updates and the launch of the new website, where the spirit of Smicksburg will be reborn.


As we bid adieu to The Drying Shed and embrace the forthcoming era of The Farmhouse Finery, let us carry with us the memories, friendships, and the indomitable spirit that made Smicksburg’s downtown a beacon of creativity and warmth. Patty and Alan Painter’s legacy lives on, not just in the crafts they created but in the hearts of a community that shared in the joy and beauty they brought to life. Here’s to the past, present, and future—a celebration of change, growth, and the enduring spirit of Smicksburg.

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