A Community Investing in Its Health

The primary goal of the Smicksburg Benefit Auction is to raise enough funds to cover the Amish community’s medical expenses for an entire year. This collective effort involves accepting donations ranging from guns and chainsaws to livestock and more. The diverse array of items up for auction reflects the community’s commitment to supporting one another’s well-being.

Paying It Forward for Free Healthcare

What’s remarkable about this initiative is the simplicity of its approach. By rallying friends, family, and neighbors to attend and contribute, the community manages to secure enough funds to pay in advance for a medical plan that benefits the entire Amish church. In essence, it’s a beautiful example of achieving a form of “free healthcare” through communal efforts.

Embracing Amish Wisdom

One of the standout aspects of the Smicksburg Benefit Auction is the involvement of the Amish community. Known for their close-knit and friendly nature, the Amish play a pivotal role in making the event a success. The auction is a rare opportunity for outsiders to witness the warmth and camaraderie that defines Amish culture.

A Community United

The atmosphere is filled with the easy exchange of conversation and laughter, highlighting the strong friendships that form the foundation of Amish life.

Treasures and Delights

Beyond its charitable purpose, the auction also offers attendees the chance to discover unique finds. From rustic furniture to the captivating allure of tree root tables, the auction barn becomes a treasure trove of creativity and craftsmanship.

Buggies, Faces, and Memories

The sheer scale of the gathering leave many awestruck. Buggies lined the landscape, creating a picturesque scene that encapsulated the essence of Amish life. While respecting their privacy by refraining from photographing faces, you can marvel at the community spirit that permeated the event.

Livestock, Goodies, and More

The auction extends beyond material goods, featuring the sale of livestock, farm equipment, and an array of delightful treats. Handmade pizzas, donuts, baked goods, and hand-churned ice cream add a delicious and homespun touch to the festivities.

In conclusion, the Smicksburg Benefit Auction is more than just a fundraising event; it’s a celebration of community, generosity, and the spirit of giving. It’s a reminder that, by coming together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change that resonates far beyond a single day in August.

If you are wondering what the annual benefit auction is like, you can read this blog post by Karen Anna Vogel: https://karenannavogel.blogspot.com/2019/08/why-many-amish-have-free-healthcare.html

You can also watch the below video by Calvin Thompson to learn more:

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