Today, we shine a bittersweet spotlight on The Amish House, a quaint and authentic establishment nestled at 1103 Dayton-Smicksburg Rd, Smicksburg, PA. The Amish House has been a beacon of old-world charm, offering an array of handmade, antique, and vintage items, all while maintaining the traditional Amish styles for lighting and heating. With a heavy heart, the family behind The Amish House has announced its permanent closure, marking December 19th, 2020 as its last day of business.

A Glimpse into The Amish House

The Amish House has been more than just a shop; it’s been a living testament to the enduring beauty of Amish craftsmanship. From carefully crafted lighting fixtures to vintage treasures that narrate tales of yesteryears, The Amish House has been a haven for those seeking a touch of the past in the present. The authentic Amish kitchen added a unique flavor, offering homemade food items that became a cherished part of the experience.

The Heartfelt Announcement

In a poignant announcement, The Amish House shared the challenges it faced due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions imposed created insurmountable hurdles, hindering the ability to provide what both the customers and the family behind the business desired. Despite every effort to weather the storm, the duration and uncertainty proved too much to overcome.

The Cessna family expressed deep gratitude to their loyal customers, many of whom became friends over the years. The announcement conveyed the collective sadness felt by the family as they witnessed the fading away of a business they had worked tirelessly to establish and nurture.

Honoring Commitments and New Beginnings

The Cessna family, in a display of integrity, has pledged to honor all gift certificates up until the final business day. As The Amish House bids farewell to its brick-and-mortar presence, the family plans to embark on a new chapter by restarting online selling platforms for their personal crafts. Customers are encouraged to stay tuned for announcements regarding the availability of these crafts.

Fond Memories Shared by Visitors

Reviews from patrons speak volumes about the impact The Amish House had on the community. Descriptions of a charming atmosphere, delicious food, and a wide array of affordable treasures paint a picture of a place that touched the hearts of those who crossed its threshold.

A Grateful Farewell

As The Amish House closes its doors, the Cessna family extends heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported their business. The journey may be ending, but the memories and connections forged within the walls of The Amish House will endure.

To The Amish House: Thank you for being a beacon of warmth, nostalgia, and community in Smicksburg. As the curtains draw to a close, may the next chapter for the Cessna family be filled with new beginnings and continued success in their online ventures.

Contact Information:

  • The Amish House
    • Address: 1103 Dayton-Smicksburg Rd, Smicksburg, PA 16256
    • Phone: 814-257-6253
    • Facebook Page

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