Wait a minute, is that a car or a horse and buggy coming in your direction? Either way, take your time and carefully cross the street to the sounds and smells of THEE VILLAGE SAMPLER. The entrance to the Sampler is in the rear, parking is available behind the store. Thee Sweet Shoppe welcomes you with cream and butter fudge while Thee Gourmet Shop invites you to sample dips, mustards, jellies and salsas.

Upstairs find Thee Candle And Lace Place, featuring Yankee Candles and Heritage Lace. Thee Christmas Corner is next with its display of Department 56 along with the always running Christmas train. You’ll love the aroma of breads and cinnamon rolls baking daily. This swoet smell leads you back downstairs through Thee Cat’s Meow Comer and Thee Sweatshirt Shop to Thee Bakery. Have a fresh baked croissant sandwich or a slice of quiche before heading up the road to their sister shop HANDWORKS.

Over the river and through the woods-no not quite just back to the Dayton road and out to THE COLEMEN HOUSE. Enjoy the drive through scenic Amish Country. Take time to notice the beautiful countryside and Amish farms. Children playing in the yards and laundry blowing in the breeze are some of the common sights. Enjoy the bounty of God’s creations.

Before you know it you’ve arrived at a lovely Historic home featuring quality antiques and diverse collectibles the SMICKSBURG POTTERY and THE SMICKSBURG WEAVER’S LOFT. Both businesses are housed in what was once the Smicksburg bank. Each shop is uniquely different and filled with some of the finest arts and crafts in the region. SMICKSBURG POTTERY is owned and operated by Donn and Betty Hedman. Together they have been making pottery for over 25 years.

Their shop teems with one-of-a-kind hand thrown and hand decorated porcelain and stoneware pieces. Donn and Betty pride themselves in producing pottery which is functional, a pleasure to look at, useful and also affordable. Works of other local and nationally known artisans and craftmen are also displayed at the Pottery including hand blown glass, wooden Shaker boxes, cherry spoons and cutting boards. Step outside the pottery shop and to your left, open the door and prepare an ascent to THE SMICKSBURG WEAVER’S LOFT. Here the weavers welcome you to watch as they wind their warps, prepare their looms, weave and finish their lines of custom designed handwovens.

The Weaver’s Loft is fun for all. Weavers choose from the finest lines of natural and hand dyed loopers, cotton, wool and chenille yarns. Nonweavers select from specialty rugs, garments, blankets, scarves, and table runners. Find gifts for weddings, bridal, and baby showers or pick your favorite handwoven item to add to the beauty of your own home. Open buggies pulled by horses are the common means of transportation for the Amish In the Smicksburg-Dayton area.

The Amish are a devout, quiet group of people who believe in a plain style of living. The Smicksburg-Dayton area is home to more than 1,200 Amish. The Amish are known for their strict religious way of life, hard work, handcrafts, and delicious baked and canned goods. The fruits of their labor can be found at various shops scattered throughout this area. Amish owned shops as well as the advertised English shops will be found on your journey.

The Amish shops range from shoe repair to sawmills and furnish the Amish with almost everything they need to remain a self sufficient community. Tourists are welcome patrons at the Amish owned shops as well as the area’s specialty shops that cater to visitors. Shop hours in the area vary but it is a guarantee that there will be no Sunday sales for the Amish. While touring this Amish settlement in Western Pennsylvania, be watchful for slow moving buggies. Be respectful of those who walk along the roadways and treat all people the way you would like to be treated.

Most importantly watch for fresh produce, home baked goods and beautiful handcrafts available for your enjoyment. This quaint community will help you leave the mall behind and take a step into the past where shopping is a pleasure. Relax as you wind your way down our scenic country roads and discover Smicksburg-Dayton charm. You’re invited to stop at WELL’S FRUIT MARKET AND COUNTRY LOFT. They take great pride and care to provide the best quality fruits and vegetables, buying from local growers when possible.

Beautiful fruit and vegetable baskets are available year round. Dwight and Clar specialize in Amish-made outdoor furniture and mini-barns. Their country loft houses, Clar’s Bear Corner, hickory rockers, onits and a variety of items from Cottage Collectibles. Handmade rockers and onit covers are there for your choosing. The inviting smell of hickory smoked meats lures you toward the SMICKSBURG COUNTRY STORE.

Hams, bacon, sausage and ring bologna fill the cases. Also featured are Amish delicacies such as fresh natural cheeses, baked goods, Amish roll butter and noodles. Jams and jellies sweeten the atmosphere along with open kettle apple butter. Barrel-cured sauerkraut, cookbooks, handmade dolls and bonnets are also available. Hard candy and chocolate goodies line the store’s aisles and walls.

Come taste for yourself why a visit to this shop is a must. Across the road is YODER’S QUILT SHOP, THE YODER HOUSE and WELL’S WOOD SHED. The quilt shop abounds with over 1000 bolts of quality fabric and a large assortment of Amish-made quilts and wallhangings. These handmade treasures now reside in all corners of the world. The Yoder house was originally home to Mahlon and Esther Yoder, and still boasts beautiful quilted items made by Esther and her Amish helpers.

These riches along with a wealth of home decorating accessories, candles, dolls, Santas and snowmen make this stop a true pleasure. Heading towards Smicksburg, on your left, you’re sure to find the cure for any sweet tooth. A chocolate lovers dream come true. THE SMICKSBURG CHOCOLATE SHOP Is a place where shopping is still a treat. They feature bulk chocolate, candy making supplies, cookware, herbs, bulk foods and candy galore.

Along with this fabulous assortment of taste tempting morsels you’ll discover Amish-made furniture, handmade crafts, books, and souvenirs. Come and enjoy the nostalgia. Next, a treasure hunting adventure at COME AGAIN. Over 4,000 precious antiques and collectibles await your arrival. They feature an extensive glassware selection along with kitchenware of all types.

COME AGAIN displays the area’s largest selection of costume jewelry You can choose from crystals, rhinestones, silver and gold chains in bracelets, earrings, pins and rings all created by their artist-in-residence. Stay for lunch and indulge yourself with a decadent homemade dessert or a nourishing sandwich prepared fresh daily. Travelling along 954 into the village of Smicksburg you’ll happen upon the JOHN G. SCHMICK MUSEUM AND VISITORS INFORMATION CENTER. The museum features artifacts and changing displays of the area’s history and culture.

The center is staffed Friday Monday, from and is a great place to become acquainted with the area at a glance. Tourist brochures along with a video tape of all the shops on your Smicksburg-Dayton journey are available. Park your car and begin your walking tour in the village of Smicksburg.

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