Nestled in the scenic landscape of Smicksburg, Pennsylvania, Mahoning Creek Farm is more than just a family-owned farm; it’s a living testament to sustainable agriculture, ethical practices, and a commitment to providing the highest-quality food. Since its establishment in 1918, Mahoning Creek Farm has embraced the responsibility of stewardship, ensuring that the land, animals, and family are preserved for future generations.

A Legacy of Sustainability

Mahoning Creek Farm proudly carries the torch of environmental sustainability. With a diversified livestock and crop operation, the farm is a beacon of responsible agriculture. The commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards echoes the traditions of previous generations, making stewardship of the land, animals, and family a top priority.

From Memories to Meat Trade

Darlene, a key figure at Mahoning Creek Farm, fondly recalls her early memories in the meat business. From butchering and grinding to packaging hamburger at the tender age of 5, she embodies the farm’s rich history. Recent encouragement from those who remember the farm’s meat market spurred the decision to reestablish the meat trade.

Since the summer of 2015, Mahoning Creek Farm has been a staple at the Indiana County Farmer’s Market, offering high-quality beef, pork, and lamb. The positive response from the community, praising the farm’s meat as the best ever tasted, fueled the decision to expand retail offerings throughout the year.

A Unique Buying Experience

As the first farmer’s market season concluded, Mahoning Creek Farm shifted its focus to create a buying club. This innovative approach allows customers to pre-order meat, with orders delivered on a predetermined day, time, and location in Indiana. Limited on-farm store hours and an online platform provide additional avenues for customers to access the farm’s premium meat products.

A Bounty of Quality Meats

Mahoning Creek Farm takes pride in offering a full line of pastured Angus beef, Duroc pork, and lamb. All livestock is born and raised on the preserved farm, ensuring consistent quality. The farm employs local USDA processors, and all meat is vacuum-packed and frozen, adhering to licensing and sales regulations.

Customers can choose to purchase meats by the package or in larger quantities, including quarters, halves, and wholes, with quantity discounts available. Mahoning Creek Farm’s goal is to share high-quality, locally raised meats with surrounding communities, providing a reliable market outlet for the farm.

Visit Mahoning Creek Farm

Mahoning Creek Farm welcomes visitors to purchase meats directly at the farm on Fridays and Saturdays from 2-5 PM without an appointment. For scheduled pickups Monday through Saturday, appointments can be made by calling 724-541-5717 or 717-873-6409.

As a note of reminder, Mahoning Creek Farm observes a no-sales policy on Sundays.

Whether you’re a long-time supporter or a newcomer seeking locally sourced, high-quality meats, Mahoning Creek Farm invites you to experience the taste of tradition, sustainability, and genuine farm-to-table goodness. Order online, visit the farm, or explore their winter delivery dates, connecting with a legacy that spans over a century.

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