The Amish towns in the United States are known for their simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology, which adds an air of timelessness to their towns. These communities offer a unique blend of culture, craftsmanship, and serenity that attracts visitors from all over. From the rolling hills of Pennsylvania to the peaceful countryside of the Midwest, here are the top 10 Amish towns you should consider visiting, with Smicksburg, PA, leading the list.

1. Smicksburg, Pennsylvania

Smicksburg stands out for its vibrant Amish community, nestled within Indiana County’s picturesque landscapes. This town is a treasure trove of traditional Amish crafts, including handmade furniture, quilts, and pottery. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful day exploring local shops, tasting homemade delicacies, and experiencing the community’s commitment to a simpler way of life. The town also hosts seasonal festivals that showcase its rich heritage and Amish culture, making it a perfect starting point for anyone looking to explore the Amish way of life.

2. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County is synonymous with Amish culture, offering a deep dive into their traditions and way of life. Here, you can tour authentic Amish farms, attend quilt auctions, and even share a meal with an Amish family. The picturesque countryside, with its farms and horse-drawn buggies, provides a backdrop for a truly immersive experience. Lancaster’s markets are a food lover’s paradise, offering fresh, locally-grown produce and traditional Amish baked goods.

3. Shipshewana, Indiana

Shipshewana is renowned for hosting the Midwest’s largest flea market, where you can find Amish-made goods alongside a myriad of other treasures. The town’s auction and flea market are central hubs for experiencing Amish culture, from their exquisite crafts to delicious foods. Shipshewana also offers buggy rides through the countryside, giving visitors a taste of Amish transportation.

4. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Intercourse is a charming town with a name that often raises eyebrows but is known for its deep Amish roots. The town offers a plethora of craft shops, furniture stores, and local eateries that showcase the community’s craftsmanship and culinary skills. Intercourse serves as a vibrant marketplace for Amish and non-Amish residents alike, making it a unique place to visit and shop.

5. Holmes County, Ohio

With one of the largest Amish populations in the world, Holmes County is a haven for those interested in Amish culture. The area’s rolling hills and well-preserved farms offer scenic views and a peaceful ambiance. Visitors can explore the numerous Amish stores, bakeries, and markets, or take guided tours to learn more about the community’s lifestyle.

6. Arthur, Illinois

Arthur’s small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit for those exploring Amish America. The town boasts a variety of shops selling Amish crafts and furniture, and its annual Cheese Festival highlights the community’s dairy production prowess. Arthur offers a quiet getaway with a close-knit community feel.

7. Kalona, Iowa

Kalona, often referred to as the “Quilt Capital of Iowa,” is rich in both Amish and Mennonite heritage. The town’s quilt museum and annual quilt festival attract enthusiasts from across the nation. Visitors can also enjoy tours of Amish farms, buggy rides, and a taste of local Amish cooking.

8. Sugarcreek, Ohio

Sugarcreek, also known as “The Little Switzerland of Ohio,” blends Amish culture with Swiss traditions. The town is famous for its Swiss architectural styles, the world’s largest cuckoo clock, and a vibrant Amish community that offers handmade goods and delicious Amish fare.

9. Berlin, Ohio

Berlin is at the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, known for its excellent Amish craftsmanship, furniture stores, and bakeries. The town provides a wide array of shopping options, from quilts and handcrafted furniture to Amish cheeses and meats. Berlin’s friendly atmosphere and cultural richness make it an ideal stop for visitors.

10. Jamesport, Missouri

Jamesport, Missouri’s largest Amish community, offers a glimpse into a more traditional way of life. Visitors can explore family-run stores, antique shops, and enjoy horse-drawn carriage tours. The town’s annual Amish auction and craft show are highlights, showcasing the skill and simplicity of Amish craftsmanship.

Each of these towns offers a unique perspective on Amish culture, from their commitment to community and tradition to their exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a cultural adventure, these Amish towns promise an enriching and memorable experience.

FAQ: Exploring Amish Towns in the United States

1. Why visit Amish towns? Visiting Amish towns offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience a simpler, more intentional way of life. These communities are known for their rich traditions, craftsmanship, and serene landscapes. Visitors can learn about the Amish culture, enjoy handmade goods, and appreciate the tranquility of the countryside.

2. What can I do in Smicksburg, Pennsylvania? In Smicksburg, visitors can explore local shops offering handmade furniture, quilts, and pottery, taste homemade Amish treats, and participate in seasonal festivals that celebrate the community’s heritage and culture.

3. Are there guided tours available in Lancaster County? Yes, Lancaster County offers guided tours of Amish farms, allowing visitors to learn about Amish agriculture, traditions, and daily life. Some tours also offer meals with Amish families for a more immersive experience.

4. What makes Shipshewana, Indiana, special? Shipshewana is famous for its large flea market, where visitors can find Amish-made goods and a variety of other items. The town also offers buggy rides and has an auction and flea market that serve as central hubs for experiencing Amish culture.

5. Can I buy Amish-made goods in Intercourse, Pennsylvania? Yes, Intercourse is a great place to purchase Amish-made goods, including crafts, furniture, and traditional foods. The town is known for its craft shops, furniture stores, and local eateries.

6. What is Holmes County, Ohio, known for? Holmes County is known for having one of the largest Amish populations in the world. It offers scenic views, Amish stores, bakeries, and markets, as well as guided tours to learn about the Amish way of life.

7. Is Arthur, Illinois, worth visiting? Arthur is known for its small-town charm, Amish crafts, and furniture, making it a worthwhile visit. The annual Cheese Festival is a highlight, showcasing the community’s dairy products.

8. What attractions are in Kalona, Iowa? Kalona is known as the “Quilt Capital of Iowa” and offers a quilt museum, annual quilt festival, Amish farm tours, buggy rides, and local Amish cooking.

9. What makes Sugarcreek, Ohio, unique? Sugarcreek blends Amish culture with Swiss traditions, known for its Swiss architectural styles, the world’s largest cuckoo clock, and handmade Amish goods.

10. Can I participate in any activities in Berlin, Ohio? Berlin offers a wide array of shopping options for Amish-made goods, including quilts, furniture, cheeses, and meats. The town’s friendly atmosphere and cultural richness provide a welcoming environment for visitors.

11. What can I expect in Jamesport, Missouri? Jamesport offers a traditional Amish experience with family-run stores, antique shops, horse-drawn carriage tours, and annual events like the Amish auction and craft show.

12. Are these towns accessible year-round? Yes, most Amish towns are accessible year-round, but some attractions or events may be seasonal. It’s always best to check the specific town’s visitor information for up-to-date details and opening hours.

13. Do I need to follow any specific etiquette when visiting Amish communities? Visitors should respect the Amish community’s privacy and way of life. This includes dressing modestly, not taking photographs of Amish people without permission, and being considerate of local customs and traditions.

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