Pennsylvania, a state rich in history and natural beauty, is dotted with charming small towns each offering a unique slice of Americana. From the Amish countryside to towns steeped in colonial history, these destinations offer delightful experiences. Let’s embark on a journey through some of the best small towns in Pennsylvania, starting with the quaint and charming Smicksburg.

1. Smicksburg: A Step Back in Time

Nestled in Indiana County, Smicksburg is renowned for its Amish community and old-world charm. This very small town offers visitors a unique glimpse into a simpler way of life. You can learn all about Smicksburg by visiting their website:

What to Explore:

  • Amish Culture: Experience the traditional lifestyle of the Amish with visits to local shops showcasing handmade crafts and furniture.
  • Culinary Delights: Enjoy homemade Amish baked goods, homemade fudge, and local wine.
  • Seasonal Festivals: The town hosts various festivals throughout the year, celebrating its heritage and community.

2. Lititz: A Touch of Tradition

Located in Lancaster County, Lititz is known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene. This town, founded in 1756, is often referred to as “America’s coolest small town.”

Key Attractions:

  • Lititz Springs Park: A central gathering place with a beautiful stream and lush greenery.
  • Historic Downtown: Explore charming boutiques, cafes, and the famous Wilbur Chocolate Factory.
  • Moravian Heritage: The town has a strong Moravian history, evident in its architecture and local museums.

3. Jim Thorpe: The Switzerland of America

Jim Thorpe, nestled in the Lehigh Gorge, is a picturesque town known for its stunning Victorian architecture and rich coal mining history.

What to Do:

  • Outdoor Adventures: Enjoy hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting in the surrounding natural landscapes.
  • Historic Landmarks: Visit the Asa Packer Mansion and the Old Jail Museum.
  • Scenic Train Rides: Experience the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway for breathtaking views.

4. Doylestown: A Cultural Haven

Doylestown, the county seat of Bucks County, is a town that blends historical charm with a vibrant arts scene.

Exploring Doylestown:

  • Museums: Visit the Mercer Museum and the James A. Michener Art Museum.
  • Downtown Area: Wander through the town’s downtown area, filled with unique shops and eateries.
  • Historic Sites: Explore Fonthill Castle and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works.

5. Wellsboro: Gateway to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Wellsboro, in Tioga County, is a gateway to the natural wonder known as the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.


  • Pine Creek Gorge: Experience outdoor activities in the scenic Pine Creek Gorge.
  • Gaslight District: The town’s historic district features gas-lit streets and charming architecture.
  • Local Festivals: Participate in local events like the Laurel Festival, celebrating the town’s beauty and community.

6. New Hope: A Blend of History and Modernity

New Hope, situated along the Delaware River, is a town that perfectly balances historical roots with contemporary culture.

Why Visit:

  • Art Galleries: This town is a haven for artists, with numerous galleries and studios.
  • Dining and Shopping: Enjoy eclectic dining options and unique boutiques.
  • River Activities: Take a stroll along the Delaware or enjoy a riverboat cruise.

7. Strasburg: The Railroad Town

Strasburg in Lancaster County is famous for its rich railroad heritage and Amish countryside.

Key Experiences:

  • Steam Trains: Visit the Strasburg Rail Road for a steam train ride through the countryside.
  • Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania: Explore the history of railroading in the state.
  • Amish Farms: Tour local Amish farms and enjoy authentic experiences.


Pennsylvania’s small towns are a tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Each town, from the Amish simplicity of Smicksburg to the vibrant culture of New Hope, offers its unique charm. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, these towns provide a delightful and enriching experience. So pack your bags and set off to explore these hidden gems of Pennsylvania, where every corner tells a story.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Small Towns in Pennsylvania

Q1: What makes Smicksburg a must-visit small town in Pennsylvania? A1: Smicksburg is renowned for its Amish community and traditional lifestyle. Visitors can enjoy handmade crafts, Amish baked goods, and unique seasonal festivals that reflect the town’s heritage.

Q2: Is Lititz family-friendly? What can we do there? A2: Absolutely! Lititz is great for families. You can explore Lititz Springs Park, visit the Wilbur Chocolate Factory, and learn about the town’s Moravian heritage. The historic downtown is perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Q3: What outdoor activities are available in Jim Thorpe? A3: Jim Thorpe offers a variety of outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking, and whitewater rafting. The town is also a gateway to exploring the scenic Lehigh Gorge.

Q4: Can art enthusiasts find interesting activities in Doylestown? A4: Definitely. Doylestown boasts a vibrant arts scene, with attractions like the Mercer Museum and the James A. Michener Art Museum. The town’s downtown area also hosts various art galleries.

Q5: What’s unique about Wellsboro and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon? A5: Wellsboro serves as the gateway to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (Pine Creek Gorge), offering spectacular natural scenery. The town’s Gaslight District adds to its charm, with gas-lit streets and historic buildings.

Q6: What makes New Hope a blend of history and modernity? A6: New Hope balances its historical roots with a modern flair. It’s known for its vibrant arts community, diverse dining, and shopping options, and scenic Delaware River activities.

Q7: Why is Strasburg known as the Railroad Town? A7: Strasburg’s nickname comes from its rich railroad heritage. Visitors can enjoy steam train rides on the Strasburg Rail Road and visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

Q8: Are these small towns in Pennsylvania suitable for weekend getaways? A8: Yes, these towns are perfect for weekend getaways. Each offers unique attractions and experiences, making them ideal for short, memorable trips.

Q9: Can I experience Amish culture in any of these towns besides Smicksburg? A9: Yes, Strasburg and Lititz in Lancaster County also offer insights into Amish culture, particularly Strasburg with its proximity to Amish farms and rural landscapes. Smicksburg though is home to hundreds of Old Order Amish families.

Q10: Are there good dining options in these small towns? A10: Each of these towns offers a variety of dining options, ranging from traditional Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine to contemporary and international fare. You’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds in each location.

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